Jasmin is a writer and sociologist. Originally from London, she spent five years in Boston before making her way to Brooklyn, which she likes best of all.

Jasmin has a PhD in sociology from Harvard University. Her book, Looking Out: Hope, Help, and Friendship Between Poor, Teenaged Girls, draws on four years of immersive ethnographic fieldwork and is under contract with Princeton University Press.

Her creative non-fiction centers on girls and women; their bodies and their hungers. She writes about how girls love each other before the world has its way. She writes about womanhood and what muzzles its bite. She also explores trauma and anxiety, and how legacies of dysfunction are passed down like heirlooms. Jasmin is working on a book of linked essays that pick at the knots tying these themes together.

Jasmin’s writing appears in outlets including Longreads, Hobart, Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.


You can follow her @jasminaviva